College Facilities

Micronet International College has sufficient resources for delivering the offered programmes effectively with the essential equipment and facilities such as computer laboratories, technical laboratories, classrooms and library which are regularly maintained, reviewed and replaced if necessary. The College is fully furnished with air conditioning and Wi-Fi facilities making the environment conducive to learning.

Computer Laboratories

Each computer laboratory is equipped with a projector, white-board, 25 computer units for students and 1 computer unit for the lecturer with broadband connection to internet. All the PCs are in good condition and up-to-date software applications are being installed.


Each classroom is equipped with a projector, white-board, 25 units of study tables and chairs. Students can access internet with their laptops, tablets or cell phones through the Wi-Fi system provided by the College.

Hardware Room

The hardware rooms are equipped with different types of desktop computers and tools. Students are allowed to experience the hands on experience on assemble and dissemble the different parts of the computers, soldering, making a network cable etc.

Network Room

The network rooms are equipped with computers which allow students to learn to set up their own server and client network system.


The library contains up to date books which are available to students for reading and borrowing books.

Facility Maintenance

To ensure that the learning environment is conducive, the College strives to guarantee all the facilities are well maintained and in good condition at all times. Cleaners are on daily duty to maintain the cleanliness of the College and a quarterly routine servicing for the air conditioning units. There are also system support and technician staffs for the computer maintenance services.