How to Apply?

If you wish to apply in Micronet International College, you must:

  1. Undergo a Pre-Course Consultation

The purpose of the pre-course consultation is to help you decide which course suits you well. You will be informed about the course details including the entry requirements, duration of study, list of subjects, mode of study, tuition fees and etc. You will be informed as well about the available facilities, students support services and opportunities for employment and further education.

  1. Comply the Requirements

• Registration Form

After the pre-course consultation, you will be given a Registration Form where you need to fill in all the required information.

• Supporting Document

You will be advised to submit 3 copies of IC, 3 copies of Birth Certificate, 3 copies of GCE O/A level result and 2 passport size photos.

  1. Submit your Application

Once you completed all the needed requirements, submit your application immediately. Your application will be reviewed carefully by the Course Consultant before submitting your application to the Ministry of Education (MOE) for further approval.

Note: Please bring the original copy of your IC, Birth Certificate and your GCE O/A level result.

If you have any queries, you may contact us at:

Gadong Campus: +673 2451133 ext 14, 15 or 16

Jerudong Campus: +673 2611133 ext 14 or 15